8IN1 Meaty Treats Freeze Dried Duck Case By 8

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8in1 Meaty Treats, delicious snacks to treat your pet! Our 100% Duck Breast recipe is full of meaty goodness! The ingredients are gently freeze dried in order to preserve all the meaty goodness with a taste of realness.

When you want to bond with your furry friend, reward him for a good behaviour or simply because he deserves a treat, do not hesitate to grab a bag of 8in1 Meaty Treats. They are gently freeze dried to preserve all the goodness and taste of delicious duck breast.

The delicious 8in1 snacks are full of flavour and low in fat to free your mind from any concerns. This 100% Duck Breast recipe is full of meaty goodness. Using only high quality ingredients such as duck breast, we make sure you provide the best to your pets. These snacks are also high in proteins; contain no added sugar, no artificial colours, no additives and no GMOs. The recipe is gluten and grain free.

Express your heart-warming love with the 8in1 freeze dried rewards!

Complementary feed for dogs. Based on a dogs weight and breed size, the recommended daily feeding guide is in cubes per day where Toy breed up to 4kg would be up to 4 cubes; Small breed to 10kg - up to 8 cubes; Medium breed to 25 kg - up to 12 cubes; Large breed to 45kg - up to 20 cubes; Giant breeds above 45kg - up to 25 cubes.

duck breast (100%) - protein 80%, fat content 8%, crude ash 5%, crude fibres 1%