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Treat your trusted best friend with these irrisistible 8in1 Triple Flavour Twisted Sticks. Packed with triple flavour your dog will simply love these delicious twisted snack sticks. 8in1 Triple Flavour Twisted Sticks are a unique savoury combination of beef hide and pork hide, carefully wrapped in a flavourful chicken fillet. They are an ideal snack choice for your furry friend in between meals, as a reward for good behaviour and are great for stimulation and training. Rich in protein and low in fat, these yummy, long-lasting chewable twisted sticks are also the ideal way to satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew while promoting overall dental hygiene and reducing tartar and plaque build-up at the same time. 8in1 Triple Flavour Twisted Sticks are also great for building strong jaws.Because we’re particular about our recipe and ingredients, our long-lasting chewable twisted sticks contain no sugar, no flavour enhancers and no artificial preservatives, making them the perfect reward or snack for your furry friend to enjoy. Give your dog something meaty to chew on! Give your dog Triple Love with Triple Flavour! 8in1 Triple Flavour Extra Meaty Twisted Stics are recommended for dogs 2 - 12 kg.

Our incredibly tasty 8in1 Flavours Triple Flavour Twisted Sticks combine three delicious flavours of chewy pork hide and beef hide, wrapped in deliciously succulent chicken breast for that extra tasty flavour experience. These long-lasting chewy twisted sticks help to control tartar and plaque build-up due to their natural abrasive action while chewing. They are rich in protein, low in fat and contain no added sugar, no flavour enhancers and no artificial preservatives, making them the ideal reward or snack for all size dogs to enjoy.  Additionally, they do not contain GMOs and are even oven baked, which not only helps to make them long-lasting, but also to preserve the valuable nurtrients. Keep your dog happily busy with our 8in1 Triple Flavour Twisted Sticks. 

Treats should not exceed 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake.
XS Dogs (1-<5kg) gradually feed one treat over a course of two days. Do not exceed one treat in a two day period.
S Dogs (5-<10kg)  feed one treat per day. Do not exceed one treat in a one day period.
M Dogs (10-<25kg) feed up to twotreats per day. Do not exceed two treats in a one day period.
L Dogs (25+kg) feed up to three treats per day. Do not exceed three treats in a one day period.

Select a chew slightly larger than your pet’s mouth. Balance food intake and exercise with this reward snack. Always provide fresh water. Supervise your dog while chewing.

beef hide (44%), pork hide (17%), chicken breast (16%), glycerol, tapioca starch, sodium chloride, sorbitol.

protein 86%, fat content 3%, crude fibre 0.8%, crude ash 3%