Kilrock Service-Pro Dishwasher Descaler & Cleaner 2x75G

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When limescale, food deposits and detergent residue build up in a dishwasher, it can lead to a smelly, unhygienic environment and an inefficient machine.

This specialised formula eliminates limescale, cleans and freshens to ensure your machine is the best it can be. By descaling and cleaning your washing machine regularly, not only will you lengthen the serviceable life of your appliance, you will also actively use less electricity when running it.


    • Restores machine performance
    • Saves electricity
    • For all machine types

    Directions for Use:

    • Empty machine and ensure food filter in the floor of the machine is free from any debris.
    • Pour contents of sachet onto the bottom of the empty dishwasher.
    • Run machine on one normal programme.
    • No pre-rinse required.
    • When programme is finished your dishwasher is ready to use.